Meet the Maker

Linda Pineo Lawry Paintings

Nanaimo,  BC 

Linda was born on the West Coast of British Columbia, in the small town of Port Alberni on Vancouver Island in 1947. When she was 16, Linda embarked on a new life in Hawaii.After graduating high school in Honolulu, she moved to London, England for a year where she and her aunt explored the rolling landscapes.

After returning from the UK to Hawaii, she met her husband and started her family. While raising her family, Linda discovered her love for art in 1971 where she signed up for her first set of art classes. Linda's love of art was put on hold while she raised her family. She and her family lived in Hawaii where they owned horse stables until they moved back to Canada in 1983.

After retiring in 2015, Linda's husband, Paul, encouraged her to rekindle her love of art by signing up for more art classes. These classes encouraged Linda to channel her love of landscapes onto the canvas. Inspired by the many beautiful scenes that shaped her early life, Linda concentrates on creating breathtaking saturated landscapes.