Meet the Maker

Nature’s Edge Wood Design

Campbell River,  BC 

For the past 13 years I have been handcrafting custom live edge furniture, bowls, cutting boards, serving boards and cribbage boards in my shop located in Campbell River on Vancouver Island.

Working with reclaimed and salvaged wood is something I have been passionate about most of my adult life, I love being able to salvage the wood, whether from a beach along Discovery Passage or from a logging site on Northern Vancouver Island or our neighbours back yard and turning it into something not only beautiful but functional.

I get the inspiration for my work from the natural beauty of where we live, The West Coast, with the Old Growth Forests and the Ocean, I like to keep it natural and keep it simple, letting the wood speak for itself and I hope it shows in each piece I make. I like to think that mother natures has done the real work and I am only enhancing the natural beauty that is within the wood. All of the species of wood I work with are indigenous to Vancouver Island and include Arbutus, Big Leaf Maple, Red and Yellow Cedar. Pacific Yew and Douglas Fir.